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Haitian Diaspora Casts Symbolic Votes for President

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November 29, 2010

Greater Boston is home to the third largest Haitian population in the UnitedStates, approximately 55,000 according to the Boston Globe. Known asthe Haitian Diaspora, native Haitians who live outside of their homelandhave been said to have fueled over half of Haiti's economy, even before theearthquake. As pillars of the economy, it is no wonder that many Haitiansabroad desire to vote in Haiti's elections, and a number of candidates havepromised them that privilege – while seeking their campaign contributions.Two articles in yesterday's Boston Globe report on symbolic elections thatreflect that desire.

"The mock election (held at several locations) was organized byFriends of Haiti 2010, a nonprofit that seeks to mobilize the estimated1 million Haitian immigrants living abroad — about half in the UnitedStates, according to the World Bank. Together they send $1.5 billionto $1.8 billion home every year, according to the bank, to pay forschooling, medicine, and food...Almost everyone who voted lost arelative or friend in the earthquake, and most send money homemonthly, even to parts of the country that were unaffected but are stillstricken by joblessness and poverty.

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